The black wildebeest has a dark brown or black coat which is slightly paler in summer and coarser and shaggier in the winter. It has a bushy mane that sticks up from the back of its neck. The hairs which compose this are white or cream-coloured with dark tips. On its muzzle and under its jaw it has black bristly hair. It also has long, dark-coloured hair between its forelegs and under its belly. Its long tail is greyish-white with a black base and reaches nearly to the ground. It has a pair of stout horns which are broad and close together at the base, sweep forward in a curve and rise to sharp tips. It has scent glands in front of its eyes, under its hair tufts and on its forefeet. Males are larger than females. The adult weight is about 110 to 157 kilograms (240 to 346 lb) and its height about 2 metres (6 ft 7 in)