Namibia – the land of contrasts

With a surface area of 317 816 square miles, Namibia is four times the size of Great Britain and larger than Texas.

Namibia’s population of 2.2 million is represented by eleven ethnic groups, resulting in a colourful and vibrant fusion of languages and cultures. Although the official language is English, several indigenous languages are spoken.

The infrastructure is excellent with a well-maintained road network. The telecommunications network is efficient, covering the entire country. Medical care consists of both public and private hospitals, modern diagnostic facilities, world-class practitioners and hospitals in all towns. A 24-hour emergency intervention and evacuation service is linked with an international organisation countrywide with well equipped ambulances and aircraft’s.

Hosea Kutako International Airport is situated 26 miles east of the capital and provides air links to the rest of the world via South Africa and Germany.

Hunting Season in Namibia

Hunting season in Namibia is from March to November.

Weather in Namibia

The weather in Namibia is usually sunny 300 days of the year. Rain falls mainly in the summer months from November to March.

Summer: March to mid May – 75°F at night to 105°F midday
Winter: Mid May to mid August – 30°F at night to 75°F midday
Summer: Mid August to end November – 75°F at night to 105°F midday

Traveling to Namibia

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