Arrival & Departure From Namibia

Will someone meet us at the airport/take us back to the airport?

Yes. One of our staff members will be at the airport to pick you up and will also take you back to the airport at the end of your stay at our camp.

How do we transfer from the airport to and from the camp?

We typically transfer from the airport to and from camp in a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Is the transportation cost covered already?

Yes.  Transportation to and from the airport and our camp is included.

Is tipping the transfer staff customary?

No, but it’s up to your discretion.

How long does the transfer take from the airport to the camp?

The transfer from Windhoek to our main camp takes approximately 2 hours.

Are there different alternatives for the transfer? (i.e. small plane, etc.)

This can be arranged at an additional cost.  Please contact us for additional details.


What are the accommodations like? (i.e. bed types, etc.)

We have a few different types of rooms at our main camp, including those with double beds and single beds, depending on how many people are in your party, etc.

Do the rooms have private bathrooms?

Our main camp has private bathrooms for each room.

What kind of amenities are provided? (wi-fi, blow dryer, soap, shampoo, TV, etc.)

We provide a blow dryer, soap, shampoo, and body lotion.  We have very limited wi-fi so please don’t count on it. Cellular reception is good almost every where on the ranch, but limited at the lodge. No TV.

Is there air conditioning/heating?

No Aircon, but heaters and fans.

What kind of power adapter is needed?

Namibia has type D or M power sockets so you will need an adapter for this type of socket.  Most global power adapters do not include an adapter for these types of sockets.  If you happen to have forgotten yours, we have a few to loan to you.

Is there a place to do laundry?

Same-day, daily laundry service is provided except for the day before departure and your departure day.


What kind of soft drinks are available? Are there any diet soft drinks?

We can provide any type of soft drink that is readily available in Namibia, including some diet soft drinks. Please let us know in advance if you have a specific preference.

What kind of other drinks are available?

Water, fruit juices and beer, from our on-site micro brewery.

What kind of alcohol and mixers are available?

Sodas, beer and juices are all included, but not other alcohol. You are welcome to buy some in town, or bring it from home.

Are there meats available other than wild game? (i.e. chicken)

Most of our meals are prepared with wild game, but we also serve chicken. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

Are the meals cooked for us or do we need to cook?

Our staff will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for you.


What is the professional hunter (PH) to hunter ratio?

The ratio is a maximum of 2 hunters per PH.  There is an additional cost if you’d like a 1 to 1 ratio.  Please check our price list for details.

How will we travel around during the hunt?

We typically travel around on a Toyota Land Cruiser but also walk and stalk.

What time of the day will we be hunting?

We typically hunt from early in morning (approximately 6 or 6:30 am) until about noon.  We then typically eat lunch and rest from noon to approximately 3pm and go back out until 5:30pm.

What fees are not included once an already included trophy is killed? (i.e. dressing, caping, trophy prep, transportation to shipper, etc.)

Dressing, caping, trophy prep and transportation to our shipper of choice are included.  Tanning, taxidermy, etc. are not included.

What attire would be appropriate for hunting?

Camouflage attire is recommended but not required.  If you do not have camouflage attire, please wear natural colors such as forest green, brown, khaki, etc.  Please do not wear any white or bright colors.  In addition, please do not wear any fleece attire, including shoes, as we have many plants with thorns and stickers that will get caught in the fleece.  Leather or goretex, broken-in shoes are recommended.  No tennis shoes please.

Can I bring my own gun and ammo? Is additional ammo available for purchase locally? What is the cost of ammo locally?

Yes.  We allow the use of your own gun and ammo but please check with the airlines for their particular regulations.  Some airlines do not allow the transportation of firearms and may have other specific requirements on how to transport them.  Namibia allows up to 80 rounds of bullets per caliber.  Local purchase is available and is typically significantly higher than US prices (about double the price).

How much advance notice do you need on any extra animals we might want to hunt?

If it is an animal that is readily available at our camp, we do not need advance notice.  Please let us know what you are interested in hunting and we will let you know if we need advance notice.

How long of a shot is expected?

The typical shot expected is around 150 to 350 yards.  Some shots may require longer distances.

Do you provide bow-hunting opportunities?

Yes. We have some bow-hunting opportunities available.  Please inquire with us ahead of time.


What activities are available other than hunting?

Our main camp is focused on hunting. However, we also have photo safaris available for an additional cost and require travel outside of our camp.

How far is it to other activities in the area?

This depends on the type of activity that you are interested in.  Photo safaris are available anywhere from 2 – 12 hours away from our main camp, depending on your specific interest.

What is the cost of additional activities?

Please check our price list for the cost of photo safaris.

What kind of supervision is available for those activities? Is there staff that helps or are we on our own?

One of our guides will be with you at all times during the photo safaris.


What are the recommended gratuities for the PH and other staff?

Gratuities are recommended for the PH, the cooking/cleaning staff and the hunting assistants.  Recommendations are as follows:


PH: USD 50 – 75 per day

Hunting assistants: USD 30 – 50 per hunting assistant for the duration of your stay

Cooking/cleaning staff: USD 30 – 50 per staff member for the duration of your stay

What is the cost for additional non-hunters?

Please check our price list for the cost of non-hunters.

How many other people will be at the camp?

Our main camp can accommodate up to 14 people, a combination of hunters and non-hunters.  The number of people at the camp during your stay will depend on demand at the time of your stay.

What is the procedure if we want to bring our own firearms?

Namibia is the most gun-friendly country in Africa. Bringing your gun into the country is extremely easy. Please note that you can only bring a maximum of three rifles with 80 rounds of bullets per caliber.

If we bring our own weapons, what caliber do you recommend?

We recommend a 300 win-mag but feel free to bring a different caliber that is appropriate for the distance and type of animal you’d like to hunt.

If we can’t bring our own firearms, do you provide options to rent? If so, what is the pricing for firearms and ammunition?

Limited rental options are available.  Please check our price list for rental and ammunition prices and please contact us in advance.

Do we need visas to travel to Namibia?

Travel documents required differ based on your citizenship so please check visa needs ahead of time. If you are from the USA, no visas are required.  Please check the website for additional details.

Should we exchange money? If so, how much do you recommend?

You will not need any local currency while at our camp unless you’d like to give the staff their gratuities in person.  You will only need local currency if you’d like to purchase souvenirs or other items while travelling to and from our camp.

Are credit cards accepted for activities outside the camp?

Most main shops, restaurants, etc. accept major credit cards but cannot be guaranteed.

What vaccines are recommended?

Hepatitis A and B and tetanus shots are recommended.  Other special vaccines are not typically required.  For any special alerts, please check the website.

Is there malaria risk in the area?

No, there is no malaria risk in the main camp area.

Is there exercise equipment on the premises? If so, what kind?

We don’t currently have exercise equipment on the premises, but this may change, so please check back with us at the time of your trip.  There are areas to jog if that’s your exercise of choice.

Do you have a suggested packing list?

Yes.  Please check our website for our suggested packing list.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed inside the lodges but we have plenty of outdoor spaces where you will be able to enjoy smoking.

Is there a pharmacy in the area?

The nearest pharmacy is approximately one hour away.  Please be sure to bring your prescription medications and although we don’t anticipate you needing them, please bring any over-the-counter medications you might need for colds, upset stomach, etc.