Probably the most conspicuous feature of the blue wildebeest are the large horns shaped like parentheses, extending outward to the side and then curving up and inward. In the male, the horns can attain a total span of almost 90 cm, while the females’ horn width is about half the size of the males’. These cow-like horns of both sexes are somewhat broad at the base and are without ridges. However, as further sexual dimorphism, the male horns have a boss-like structure joining the two horns. The male is larger than the female. It is one of the largest species of antelope. The blue wildebeest can stand 118 to 145 cm (46 to 57 in) high at the shoulder. The head-and-body length can range from 150 to 250 cm (59 to 98 in) and the tail length ranges from 56 to 100 cm (22 to 39 in). Body mass is typically from 120 to 275 kg (260 to 606 lb). The record-sized female and male weighed 260 kg (570 lb) and 290 kg (640 lb), respectively.